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4 Reasons Why Hamsters Need Large Cages

They have beautiful eyes and even sweeter chubby cheeks. Yes, hamsters are really cute. Almost everyone loves these small and adorable rodents. They are very fun and do not require excessive care or special living conditions. Still, the hamsters’ cage should be bigger, and there are a few main reasons for that.

Having A Hamster As A Pet

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Most of us love animals and would love to have a pet. However, for some, this is impossible due to lack of space – or lack of time for walking out, such as required by dogs. If you have been thinking about a pet that is fun, intelligent, does not require too much, and gives you a lot of joy – then a hamster is probably the best choice. Hamsters are popular pets for both children and adults.

These are small rodents that usually live for about two years, and it is best to place them alone in a cage. Hamsters can be of different colors and breeds – and you can distinguish them by recognizable characteristics. However, what they all have in common is the way you keep them. Therefore, before you take a hamster as a pet, you need to learn more about these animals.

How To Choose A Hamster?

When you come to a pet store, every hamster may seem like the same thing to you – but it’s not. You want a healthy pet that will live a full life – especially if you have children, for whom the death of a pet could be a traumatic experience. Unfortunately, not every hamster you see is always in optimal health.

Moving from a breeder to a pet store for baby hamsters can be extremely stressful and can make them sick. When choosing, look for an active animal that is completely dry. Make sure that the back of the body is not wet and that the eyes are not watery. Both eyes of the hamster should be open – and ideally, the hamster should eat or run around the cage. And when it comes to cages, try to choose a bigger cage for your hamster. Here’s why it’s important.

Why Does A Hamster Require A Large Cage?

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We always try to provide the best for our furry friends. In this regard, one of the basic things we have to take care of after we get these little tufts – is choosing the right cage for them. Unfortunately, when you visit pet shops, in most cases you will not come across cages that meet all the adequate conditions for keeping a hamster. The main reason for that is fashion – because most owners pay the most attention to aesthetics, while they don’t think so much about the real essential conditions.

A hamster generally requires a larger cage, and some species like the Syrian hamster simply have to have one. Although they are small and live in groups – some animals are very timid or even territorial. For example, for the Syrian hamster, we simply need to follow the rule – one cage for one hamster. This is especially important when it comes to females. Females often eat their partner to save their babies – or even eat their youngsters sometimes. So, there’s one good reason for buying a big hamster cage. And why else do we need a bigger hamster cage?

Here’s Why You Need to Get A Bigger Cage

Most often, the choice of a cage comes down to choosing between a mesh hamster cage and a hamster aquarium. However, both types have their advantages and disadvantages. When choosing a hamster cage, we must take into account several factors that are extremely important for our pets. Therefore, pay attention to the following things.

1. The hamster is an active animal

source: pexels.com

This is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing an adequate hamster cage. The hamster is by nature an extremely active animal – so it needs a lot of space to move around. Also, the hamster cage must be fully equipped for the hamster to have constant animation.

This means that the hamster cage must be equipped with plastic tubes for playing and pulling – as well as a running wheel, food, and water containers. Also, a cage needs to have a sleeping box – because the hamster loves to have privacy when he goes to sleep.

2. Some species of hamsters like to live in a community

This is also important depending on the type of hamster you choose. For example, when it comes to dwarf hamsters, they mostly like to live in a community. That’s why many owners of these furry pets decide to get 2 hamsters of different sexes. In that case, the cage must be even bigger, so that the female, after getting young, has space for herself – because she is extremely irritable then.

3. Depth is also important when choosing a cage

source: unsplash.com

When choosing a hamster cage, always pay attention to the depth of the cage – especially if it is a mesh cage with a plastic container. Apart from the fact that the hamster likes to crawl through plastic pipes and run on his wheel, he also likes to dig – so it is necessary to provide him with enough depth to have that possibility.

4. The hamster requires a certain layout in the cage

Since the wheel is one of the favorite toys of hamsters – you must make a special effort to choose the right cage for your hamster. First of all, you need to pay attention to the size of the wheel, which you will determine based on the maximum growth of your hamster. Of course, then the size of the cage is a very important thing.

Generally, in a cage, you have to make a layout like in an apartment. There is a part that is a playroom, but also a part that is used for sleeping. There is also a corner where the hamster feeds, as well as one that serves as a toilet. It all requires space, especially if you decide on a larger specimen – then buying a large cage is a basic need.

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