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4 Forgotten (But Good) Scott Cooper Movies To Watch – 2023 Guide

Born in Virginia, USA, Scott Cooper, is an actor, director, writer, and producer. Although his acting career isn’t the brightest, the artist has directed several incredible movies, some of which entail nail-biting suspense. Two of his biggest commercial successes were Crazy Heart and Out of the Furnace. However, if you want to discover some forgotten masterpieces by him, scroll down to learn more.

1. Bill’s Gun Shop (2001)

When a bounty hunter (Victor Rivers) offers to take him up on his next task, a teenage gun enthusiast, played by Scott Cooper, gets all worked up. However, things go wrong, and the inexperienced teen finds himself in a life-or-death situation. It is a high-octane drama and among the favorites of Scott Cooper Miami Beach Fan Club.

2. Get Low (2009)

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Get Low is a beautiful, peaceful, meditative independent film starring Robert Duvall, a Hollywood icon. Scott Cooper, Bill Murray, Sissy Spacek, Bill Cobbs, and other actors add to the film brilliantly. Duvall develops a fascinating character that unravels beautifully as the picture simultaneously pulls the spectators into the slowly unfolding mystery of Felix Bush’s history. Cooper wrote and directed his career’s best, Crazy Heart that overshadowed the movie and Scott Cooper’s incredible performance in the same year.

3. For Sale By Owner (2009)

Will Custis (Scott Cooper) buys an old house in Virginia that is in bad shape. Custis initially intended to use the house as a summer fixer-upper project, but he soon discovers that the house is not what it appears to be. With mysteries surrounding the man who sold him the house, Scott hears the eerie sounds of the owners and their children outside the villa.

Scott Cooper’s terrific performance in this movie made him one of the greatest actors in Hollywood. Forgotten or not, it is one of the best horror movies and an incredible piece put together by the actor.

4. Out Of The Furnace (2013)

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This steel-town thriller from Scott Cooper features an A-list cast and a fantastic score. Cooper’s long-awaited picture, shot in and around the photogenically downtrodden town of Braddock, Pennsylvania, finds its imposing centerpiece in the steel mill’s smelting pot, a gigantic, spewing monolith in which the hard-bitten townsfolk’s characters are forged.

If there ever was a must-see, this is it. This film’s acting, from the likes of its whole star-studded cast, is absolutely outstanding. It isn’t a two-hour James Bond chase sequence; instead, it’s an intriguing glimpse into the struggles of the poor working-class family’s American Dream.

The movie is also a great story of the classic American payback through generations and brothers, evoking backwoods justice ideas. Out of the Furnace is an excellent film that should be on everyone’s bottomless list of movies to watch.


Scott Cooper is the perfect example of “hard work pays off.” Even though his acting career didn’t take off as he wished, he didn’t give up and directed the best movies in the history of Hollywood cinema. The movies listed above might not hold a place in your memory lane, but they are worth your 2 hours.

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