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Is Building A Deck Easy? | DIY Project Or Hire a Deck Builder

Deck provides outside dwelling expanse to a building. It is a valuable part of the house because it can host social gatherings and have family time or a spot for your relaxation.

A deck is similar to a floor simply because it supports weight. It is a flat surface constructed majorly outdoors and above the ground. It’s commonly made from wood. You don’t need to have a deck at the rear of your building; it can be located anywhere on the property. Your stairway and a landing serving a door may pass as a deck, likewise your building front porch. If a structure is built like a deck, construction standards will stand.

In the past, a deck could be built by anyone because it was considered a normal structure that didn’t require a skilled deck builder. However, deck failures and thorough research from experts made people realize that deck building is a complicated construction that requires a trained deck builder. Building codes presently have a strict standard in ensuring compliance.

Older decks are prone to deck failure due to non-compliance to the building code compared to modern decks. Modern deck builders always comply with the construction standards. Keeping up with compliance and codes can make DIY deck building a bigger pain than it’s worth. For further information on deck building, visit our website at https://deckbuildersofkansascity.com/.

Who Is A Deck Builder?

Source: apdecks.com

A carpenter specializing in outdoors deck building is considered a deck builder. The carpenter has good communication skills when dealing with clients and following their ideas for the deck. A deck builder is responsible for obtaining the lumber for the customer’s project, scaling and cutting materials meticulously to build a strong deck. Deck builder polishes the finished work to have a desirable and safe-to-use deck for the customer.

Deck builder skills are:

  •   Experience in construction and wood manufacturing
  •   Ability to measure and cut lumber properly.
  •   Ability to identify deck problems or failure
  •   Good customer service
  •   Ability to complete a project as planned
  •   Ability to use both hands and power tools professionally.

Can A Beginner Build A Deck?

Source: homeserve.com

There are simple decks and sophisticated decks. It can also be single-level or multi-level. Beginners find it difficult to build a deck regardless of how simple the task is. Most beginners don’t have a good understanding of the basics of deck building. A poorly designed deck is likely to fail and be dangerous for users.

A beginner can make the following common mistakes when building a deck:

  • Forgetting Installation Of A Continuous Handrail On Stairs

A beginner might interrupt handrail for aesthetic reasons, which is erroneous. Therefore a continuous handrail must be installed if a set of stairs has four or more steps.

  • Hardware Installed Wrongly And Using Of Wrong Fasteners

There is a high tendency of a beginner not following the manufacturer guidelines; also, a beginner may use inappropriate fastener types and sizes. Duct screws are not right for attaching joist hangers. If a fastener doesn’t have a good corrosion resistance rating will cease to function quickly when installed in treated lumber.  The best way to verify if the hardware will perform as foreseen is to obey its installation guidelines.

  • Fastening Beams To The Flanks of Posts

Source: decks.com

If you bolt beams to the sideways of a post, the wood can split even if the bolt doesn’t shear. Let your beam sit firmly atop its backing post.

  • Over Spanning Composite Decking

What determines the maximum span of wood and plastic composite decking depends on the category of plastic used in the product. It’s necessary to obey the span limit of a particular product given in the manufacturer’s installation instructions. Overstretching composite decking occurred when deck boards ran transversely over a joist.

  • Erecting Stairs With An Erroneous Riser Height

During stringer layout, one detail can easily be overlooked. The lowermost riser needs to be on tread thickness lesser than the remainder. A beginner, due to inexperience, may get confused; therefore, cut every notch the same way.

Is It Hard To Build A Wooden Deck?

Source: thisoldhouse.com

Decks are commonly wooden with a railing for safety. A deck can be covered with a canopy to provide shades. However, is it hard to build a wood deck? Deck designs are often on many DIY magazines, websites and books.

Usual construction could be post and beam architectural work or a cantilever construction. With the post and beam, you need a post attached to piers in the ground. Post and beam are sophisticated and mostly require professional engineering work, which a deck builder can provide. They can also make it ready for future remodels including screened porches.

On the other hand, the cantilever construction depends on floor joists that extend farther than the building walls. The cantilever is widely used, but when not managed with waterproofing and flashed, it raises safety questions.

A professional deck builder can help you build your preferred deck rather than rely on the method of doing it yourself. It’s important to know that deck failure is possible when built wrongly, and it has been resulting in death and critical injuries.

Can One Person Build A Deck?

Source: tandemcontracting.com

Having a one-person show is possible when building a deck, but it comes with challenges. You need to have high-level craftsmanship since you are not employing more labor.

To make a one-person band, you must have the following, recognize likely setbacks ahead. A deck builder working alone needs to plan out the sequence of the event for the construction. You need to find obstacles such as irrigation paths, septic systems, phone lines, or other buried cables. Likewise, trees and shrubs near the deck boundary must be noted so that landscaping factors won’t affect your workflow.

Is it hard to build a deck yourself?

A deck can transform your outdoor area into a spot precise for recreation. Building a deck yourself may be as easy as you think if you can equip yourself with the right knowledge and skills. Many books or websites can help you build your deck.


When building a deck yourself, homeowners need to understand the consequences of deck failure, leading to loss of life or injuries. Therefore, having a professional deck builder is a nice idea when the homeowner doesn’t want room for future deck failure.

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