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Who is Cassandra Anderson? Juicy details about Kevin Durant’s ex-girlfriend –

Who is Cassandra Anderson? No one knows. But we do know that she’s the former girlfriend of NBA superstar Kevin Durant, who was named the Most Valuable Player of the NBA Finals in June 2016. What we don’t know is why Durant and Anderson parted ways, until now.

Kevin Durant’s ex-girlfriend, Cassandra Anderson, is a busy lady these days. She has been making headlines since the couple called it quits after two years of dating in 2015. One of the reasons for the breakup was Anderson’s alleged affair with her coach, with Kevin not very happy about it. The couple’s relationship hit the rocks when Anderson began taking her training sessions, and Kevin was not happy about it. However, the relationship had a happy ending. In fact, Anderson and Durant have since put their differences behind them and are now back together.

If you wanted a closer look at Cassandra Anderson, the beautiful ex-girlfriend of NBA star Kevin Durant, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to find out Cassandra’s biography, likes, dislikes and more.

Biography of an American broker

Cassandra Anderson was born on the 25th. Born in May 1990 in California to the Joyce family. Her father’s name is unknown and she is of African-American descent. She has siblings, but unfortunately their details are confidential.

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The girl graduated from Bakersfield High School in California and then attended the University of Florida.

She could sell a glorified van and say it’s the best thing ever, and we would buy it and agree with everything she says. – About Imgur

What is Cassandra’s education and what is her profession?

Cassandra Anderson graduated from the University of Florida in 2012 with a degree in Recreation and Tourism. In 2016, she started in the real estate business at Rodeo Realty in Los Angeles. She joined Berkshire Hathaway Drysdale Properties in October 2017 after relocating to Pleasanton, California. This lady has now resigned from the company, but is still working as a broker.

Mum and Dad are incredibly proud of what Cass has achieved. – Via Imgur.

How long has she been dating Kevin Durant?

While KD has been candid about his past relationships, Cass has remained relatively humble.

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Rumors that she was dating a basketball player first surfaced in the middle of the 2017-18 NBA season. At the time, Kevin was playing for the Warriors, and Cassandra was a regular at the games. She even sat on the women’s section of the stand to suggest that things were getting serious.

If you lose one person, you gain another. Too bad Mr. Durant didn’t see the value in that. – via Imgur

Is Cassandra still at KD?

If you knew what you know about KD, you would never have asked that question. You wouldn’t even think of it. The man had a history of short-lived relationships, and Cassandra was no exception. As soon as their relationship got serious, they broke up. We’re sure the basketball star is responsible for the breakup.

Who is Cassandra Anderson as a person?

Cass loves wealth, power and abundance. She is a hard worker who strives to achieve the goals she wants. authoritarian person, his happiness is well deserved. Cassandra is satisfied when her work is done well. Unlike many people, she always sees the big picture and can lead the group to a common goal. This beautiful girl is spiky and has always been very successful.

This girl has a long way to go, and hopefully in the meantime she will become just as beautiful. – About Imgur

Cassandra Anderson Character traits

Cassandra has a cheerful and expressive personality and is known as an intelligent and extroverted woman. She is very adaptable and friendly. Some would say Cassandra Anderson is a talker, and she may be, but she’s also a warm soul. Cass is excited to try new things. But she tends to be inconsistent in some of her efforts. We also learned that Cass can be indecisive at times. Despite all this, Mrs. Anderson is a sweet girl and has a good sense of humor. This compensates for all the other undesirable features.

eyes, lips, breasts and hips. Cass has everything. – About Imgur

Miss Cass has a body that women want and men fight for!

This African-American beauty is over 2 meters tall. Cassandra’s hair color is black and she has beautiful black eyes. Although she is not a model, her figure is similar to some of the top girls in the game. If Cass chose to pursue a career as a model, she would give these ladies a run for their money. So-called Instagram models.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Kevin Durant’s wife?

Kevin Durant is married to WNBA player, Sydney Monae.

Is KD single?

KD is not single.

What does Cassandra Anderson do for a living?

Cassandra Anderson is a CIA agent.

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