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3 Emerging Trends and Innovations in CNC Machining Industry

The incredible competitiveness in the CNC machining industry results in more than a few innovations every year. Although the pandemic has slowed the excessive innovation of the industry there are still trends that are cropping up and are promising to provide improvements to all business.

The race to present the best possible solutions to issues within the industry and refinement of established tactics engage the companies to preemptively secure a spot in the ever-engaged market. Software and machine improvements are always a hot concern, some of the upcoming prominent ones we will list below.

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  1. IloT will become even more important

The term IIoT stands for Industrial Internet of Things. This name was derived from the internet of things concept which describes a network of physical objects, referred to as “things” in the name, that are embedded with software or other technologies that allows them to connect to each other. When applied in this industry it refers to interconnected sensors, instruments, and other devices being connected to a network together. This is achieved through computers’ applications which benefit the industrial environment.

The benefit of this system is the ability for machines to communicate without the need for a human operator. This cuts the possibility of human error while also providing a chance for better managing of present personnel as well as available resources. The whole manufacturing process can be made quicker and safer by integrating machines into the IIoT.

  1. Focus on waste reduction

The fact of our planet is that it can only hold so many resources. This, coupled with the recent pandemic constricting the shipments of raw materials, raises the importance of utilizing resources as well as possible. Be it recycling or reducing overall usage in production without losing quality, there are heavy possibilities the industry will turn its head towards these options. The constant advancement of modeling software also makes a lot of physical models obsolete, reducing the material requirements even get the concept properly fleshed out.

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  1. The refinement of 6-axis machining will cause it to become more present in the industry

One of the key parts of additional machining axes is the increased speed of cut times. The industry standard used to be a 3-axis machine for a while, the movement of which came only in X, Y, Z linear directions. They have been slowly surpassed by 5-axis machines in more recent years, which added more directions the machine was able to approach the workpiece from.

The new challenger comes in the form of the 6-axis machining option. This version allows its head to simultaneously commit 6-axis CNC machining which can cut the production times down decently. The reduction goes up to 75%, adding tons of effectiveness to this machine. However, these are relatively recent having only made their proper entry into the industry around 2019. Make sure to keep yourself stocked with proper machinery now by visiting elephant-cnc, as they offer a high-quality choice of 5-axis machinery along with a considerable cataloge of other items.


The key direction the CNC industry seems to be heading towards is effectiveness. While the pandemic hit hard it didn’t stop the elaborate planning that aims to speed up production with equal, if not better quality, of products. Reducing overall waste by utilizing as much of it as possible, forming better networks for our machinery, and upgrading said machinery seems to be the key points that will boom in the near future.

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