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6 Things Most Real Estate Agents Won’t Tell You

People need support in every walk of life. At various stages of life and in even small phases, they need someone to guide them through the process. This thumb rule not only applies in personal lives but also in other dimensions like a business.

In businesses, people might need third-party help to facilitate business operations. They require managers to look at different aspects of the business. In hospitals, doctors require nurses and helpers to facilitate the treatment.

Like the above examples, real estate agents are the real supporters of the people who want to buy, sell, or rent their commercial and residential properties. But, today, there are many real estate agents and companies who get involved in fraudulent activities. People should hire a reputable real estate agent to avoid the chances of scams.

On the other hand, numerous budding real estate companies provide excellent solutions using innovation & technology. One such provider is Real Big Group. There are many misconceptions about these agents.

Many people believe that real estate agents disclose every detail about their operations or business-related things. But this is not true. There are various things that real-estate agents would never tell you. The following section describes these things in detail.

6 Crucial Things You Will Never Hear From Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents act as a middleman between the two parties – seller/tenant and the buyer /lessee. They charge commission for the transaction from the seller. There are many things that these agents won’t tell you. These are listed below.

Promotion of Real Estate Agents is the Best Deal

Source: vidyard.com

People might see the roadside banners and posters of real estate agents and brokers dealing in properties. These are promotional things that the real estate agents are very used to. These promotional techniques include Facebook and social media ads, public relation activities, search engine marketing, google ads, website marketing, direct mail, email marketing, etc.

They use these tools until they get a client for selling or lending their property. Therefore, these agents depend on such self-promotion activities. They will never tell you that their self-promotion is everything due to which they get clients.

Sellers’ Home Worth Is Not Higher Than What They Think

This thing is probably one of the most deal-canceling things that a real estate agent can say to a seller. No agent tells the truth about the home seller’s property. Even if the seller charges higher than the worth of the property, agents will never interrupt them and say that the property does not deserve this value.

This statement acts more as a humiliating one rather than a truth. However, in such cases, agents either back off from the deal or wait for the property to be idle for some time. By choosing the latter option, the agents make the seller realize that they have over-valued the property. Eventually, the money expectations of the seller will lower.

Agents Have Greater Knowledge About Nearby Localities

Source: millionacres.com

Most real estate agents will never speak to you about their knowledge of the neighborhoods they are dealing in. These agents possess a high degree of professional knowledge about their selling areas. They will not tell you about the downsides of the locality or any aspect of the locality that will lead to the cancellation of purchase or lease.

People might hear from their real estate agents that XYZ library shops, general stores, utility stores, fast-food restaurants, etc., are present in the neighborhood. This is because real estate agents thoroughly research the locality before presenting the property to the clients.

Traditional Homes Are Mismatch For Young Generation

Interior designing and new fashions have changed the whole outline of the home decor. New designs and patterns have emerged to be cool, long-lasting, and elegant. Traditional and old homes did not inculcate interior designing as a significant thing.

This has created a problem for real estate agents. Several-year-old homes are put under the hammer for sale. Agents find it difficult to sell these old-furnished and historically designed homes to the young generations who want stylish homes. Most real estate agents will never tell the seller, ‘This property does not match the demands of the Gen Z or later millennials’.

Money Making is Not That Easy-Going As It Seems

Source: mashvisor.com

Many people believe that real estate agents earn a large sum of money on their deals. This is true for most reputed agents, but many real estate agents find it difficult to make a hefty sum of money. The industry is highly volatile. If you are not getting any deals, you will sit idle and do nothing.

This will lead to a long patch of unstable financial conditions. Moreover, the industry is gaining prominence, and many agents have established their real estate businesses. This has led to more competition. These agents won’t tell you that their income is lower than what people think.

Never Mention About the Ability of Competitors

There are many real estate agents in every part of the world. The skills and ability to sell the property also rise with such competition. A particular agent will never tell the seller that they can have a better agent who can yield more profit for the property.

There are many types of agents. Firstly, who underprice the property to fasten the deal and earn a commission. Secondly, those agents who want more money and have more time for the settlement. They charge more than the actual value of the property.

Lastly, the standard price-charging agents. They charge as per the correct valuation of the property. Sellers must hire agents who are popular in the market and are financially sound. They must double-check the listing of the agents and choose wisely.


Knowledgeable real estate agents do not disclose the things mentioned above in most scenarios. They keep the transparency between the buyer and seller, but keep their own share of information as well. They keep in mind various details that can lead to modifications in the deal, if disclosed.

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