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How Can You Tell The Difference Between A Good And Bad Tattoo?

If you have ever seen pictures of different tattoos, you can immediately tell when something is off. Call it an instinct or a good eye but we as humans are very critical of how art is being presented to us.

So in this article, our aim is to help point out the different factors which differentiate a good tattoo from a bad one. You require just a little bit of observation to make the distinction for yourself. So, let us begin:

The Healing

Source: pulptastic.com

How the tattoo heals tells a lot about the experience of the artist and whether or not they did a good job. If the healing process does not impact the design you initially went with, the process was a success and the tattoo turned out to be good.

On the other hand, the scarring in the area and disfigurement of the design is a clear indication that it turned out to be bad.

The Composition

The composition in tattooing relates to how the different elements blend together to form a single image. There are different parts to a particular design or composition which should be seamless in order to create a singular pattern or drawing.

If a tattoo does not blend well together, it is not as good as you thought it to be. On the other hand, good composition will stand out and give a good impression.

The Linework

Source: scene360.com

The linework relates to how the outlines and internal designing of the tattoo is created with a tattoo machine. A steady hand of an experienced artist will create linework which is sleek and beautiful to look at.

If all you see is a dodgy design after the tattoo heals, you might have been the victim of an inexperienced artist. Much like the composition, you want the linework to be seamless and blended well with the rest of the elements.

The Proportion

Source: tattoo-journal.com

You require the expertise and skill of an experienced artist to create a portrait which is perfect in proportion. If you want a complicated design which should appear to be 3D, proportion matters to a great degree.

A slight mistake and the entire design could be ruined. If you feel that the proportion of the eyes does not match that of the mouth in the tattoo, it is a bad one. A good one in contrast will not give you any chances to complain.

The Readability

Source: tattoostime.com

This is a clear indicator of what makes for a good tattoo. If you are creating a written message, legibility matters because the message should be clear to anyone who sees that tattoo. Confusion in the message or spelling mistakes simply means that the job was not done right.

The Takeaway

We hope that the article helps you in understanding the difference between a good and bad tattoo. The contrast, linework, legibility, and detail matter equally in creating a phenomenal design. Anything wrong will instantly tell you that the tat is a bad one.

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