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Why Marrying Jason Morgan Is A Dream Come True For Carly On General Hospital

Carly’s love life has been in a steady decline for some time now. In fact, although she’s been in love with both Jason and Liam, it’s been quite a while since she’s been truly happy. And after all of three months of marriage, she’s beginning to realize that Jason is not the love of her life. And to make matters worse, Carly’s little sister, Morgan, is obsessed with Jason, too.

It is no secret that General Hospital’s Jason Morgan and his on-screen girlfriend, Carly Pope, are finally headed for marriage in the upcoming fifth season, but what exactly is the story behind Jason and Carly’s relationship and how did it come to be? We caught up with Jason’s on-screen sister, Kristina Wagner, to find out about the chemistry behind the wedding…

General Hospital spoilers reveal Jason (Steve Burton) and Carly (Laura Wright) continuing to plan their wedding. While Jason refuses to crack a smile about it, looking like he’s heading to his execution, Carly is living in all her full glory because she finally did it. It took her about a quarter of a century but here we go. She has finally, finally snagged her precious Jason and convinced her to marry him.

General Hospital Spoilers  – Smug Thy Name Is Carly Corinthos

It’s theater, an act, to fool everyone into thinking you’re madly in love when nothing could be further from the truth. Those were essentially the words that led a very large and loud bell go off in Carly’s head that made sense of her entire life. She can marry Jason on General Hospital, tell Jason it’s all an act, but finally, after all these agonizing years destroying the life of anyone who dared come near her precious Jason, she is his and all shall rejoice.

Well, not quite, the only one rejoicing is Carly. And she pretty much has to keep it all inside. Appearances, you know. Her dead husband is barely cold in the ground. In fact, he is not in the ground at all. He’s tending bar on the Pennsylvania side of the river and only Nina (Cynthia Watros) knows this. Sonny’s (Maurice Benard) presence here on this actual soap earth is definitely going to put a crimp in her plans, but for now, in Carly’s mind, Jason belongs to her.

GH Spoilers – Carly Corinthos Rubs Salt In Britt Westbourne’s Wound

If there was any evidence at all that Carly is not just marrying Jason to help put up a united front and save the business, it was how she treated Britt (Kelly Thiebaud) at the General Hospital nurses’ station. Jason had not come up with an elaborate lie about always loving Carly, but Carly HAD to get that in there because she is Carly.

She saw Britt, the hurt look on her face, and had to hurt her even more because it’s just Carly’s nature. With anger, malice, and yes, jealousy in her voice, she told Britt to basically get a grip. She and Jason realized months and months ago that they had always loved one another, but you know, Sonny had just died (which he didn’t), so they didn’t act on it then. What a way to reduce Sonny to a pile of nothing in her life.

General Hospital spoilers  – Carly Corinthos Kidnaps Old Ladies and Makes Grown Women Cry

Jason, Jason, Jason. Ever since they met playing poll in a roadside bar and became friends with benefits for just a short while in the 1990s, Jason has been all Carly has ever wanted. Robin (Kimberly McCullough) was terrible for him. Sam (Kelly Monaco)? OMG, make her go away? Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst)? What could her one and only be thinking? Sam AGAIN? Ok, maybe give it a chance. Courtney (Alicia Leigh-Willis)? Meh. Britt? HOW DARE HE?!?!? Not when Sonny is gone (for now) and she needs him to give her his undivided attention. Heck, Carly even anointed Jason the father of her first child when she needed an alternative father for him.

General Hospital Spoilers And Rumors: Who Is Holding Drew Cain Captive?https://t.co/zzBbr0Ug3M

— SOS/CTS/HH (@SoapOperaSpy) July 10, 2023

Are we really supposed to be rooting for this woman? She kidnaps old ladies to get what she wants after Laura (Genie Francis) put her trust in her and then she chose to hurt Britt because she apparently didn’t have anything better to do at the moment. So, sure, Carly, pretend you’re doing everything for the greater good. Pretend this is just an act. The audience watching from home knows this is a wedding that will be decades in the making in your mind. What will you say when Sonny gets back? And he will be back.

Keeo checking Celebrating The Soaps for more GH spoilers, news, and updates.  Stay tuned to General Hospital weekdays to see how this story plays out?

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