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Carole Radziwill is an American fashion journalist, and the ex-wife of actor Prince Andrew. Carole Radziwill is a writer, a TV personality, and a former model. She is also the author of the New York Times Best-selling memoir, “Finding Audrey.” She was also the host of “Carole & Company”, a syndicated cable series, which ran for four years (2001–2005).

Carole Radziwill is an American journalist and author. She is best known for her appearances on The Apprentice and as a correspondent for ABC News. Her memoir, What Remains, was published in 2015.

Carole Radziwill net worth

Carole Radziwill is an American author, reality TV personality, and journalist. Carole is recognized mainly because of her role in the TV show by Bravo called Real Housewives of New York City. It was a reality show with plenty of drama and she participated in it for six seasons. She established herself as a voice who speaks reason in a group of eccentric characters. Carole started her journalism career in the form of an unpaid intern on the ABC News Magazine show called 20/20 in 1986.


Real Name: Carole Ann Radziwill.

Nick Name: Carole Ann DiFalco.

Profession: Journalist, Actor, Author.

Birthday: August 20, 1963.

Birthplace: New York City.

Height: 5’7”.

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius.

Nationality: American.

Ethnicity: White.


Father: Anthony DiFalco.

Mother: Helen DiFalco.


Net Worth: $60 Million.

Religion: Christian.

Education: Hunter College, New York University.

Social Media Pages: https://twitter.com/caroleradziwill.


After she was born in 1963 Carole Radziwill was brought up in a working-class environment in the Suffern area located within New York. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Hunter College and later completed an M.B.A. from New York University. After she began her career as a journalist in 1985 as an apprentice she was later allocated to “Close Up” as a production administrator. She later worked for the documentary unit of Peter Jennings where she created shows about abortion and gun control. She also discussed foreign policy regarding Cambodia, India, and Haiti in the show.

In 1991 she was posted in Iraq and reported about the SCUD missile interchange during the Gulf War. She devoted six weeks as a journalist in Kandahar in 2003 during the war in Afghanistan. She was surrounded by a section of the 101st Airborne Division at the time. Apart from this, she has also created certain sections for the famous ABC show called “Profiles From the Frontline” while working on the war front.

After the death of her husband Anthony Radziwill, Carole resigned from the ABC News for composing a biography about her personal life and also the professional life at ABC News. She has also mentioned her attempts at handling the cancer of her husband in the book. The book was titled “What Remains: A Memoir of Fate, Friendship and Love” and it was published by Scribner in 2005. The book found a place in the bestseller list of the New York Times. One of the reviews regarding the book in the New York Times stated that the book was a bittersweet account of how graciousness won over disclosure.

She joined the Bravo TV team in 2011 for “The Real Housewives of New York City”. It was the 5th season for the series. She also wrote a book titled “The Widow’s Guide to Sex & Dating” during the same period which she sold to Holt Publishing for a six-figure contract. It was finally released in 2014. Carole has devoted her skills as a journalist to several leading events and shows to date. She excels in this profession and has considerable experience to go along with the knowledge that helped her in building a successful career. She is also a renowned TV personality and has a big following.

Personal Life

Carole married her husband Anthony Radziwill in 1994 in East Hampton, New York. Anthony was a fellow News producer at the ABC. Anthony was the only child to Stanislaus Radziwill and wife Lee Bouvier Canfield. Lee was the younger sister of Jacqueline Onassis. Anthony died of cancer in 1999 after struggling with the illness for five years. Radziwill was close to the Bessette-Kennedy’s. Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy was married to Anthony’s cousin John F. Kennedy Jr. Carolyn and her sister Lauren passed away in a plane crash off the Martha’s Vineyard Coast within less than 4 weeks before Carole was widowed. After the death of her husband, Carole left ABC News to spend time writing her book.

A Princess?

Due to her marriage to Anthony Radziwill, before he died an untimely death due to cancer, Carole is, in fact, a princess. Anthony Radziwill was a Polish prince and it means she was well taken care of. Apart from being royalty in real life, this marriage also made Carole a distant relative to the U.S. royal family The Kennedys. You can safely assume that the royal connections of Carole have contributed to the celeb amassing the massive net worth.

Adam Kenworthy

It has been years since Adam Kenworthy and Carole Radziwill broke up but a lot of fans still wonder if the “The Real Housewives…” star and her ex-boyfriend are still hooking up. This speculation arises from the fact that the two remained friends even after the breakup. Carole recently provided an update about whether they are still having coffee on the Heather McDonald’s podcast called Juicy Scoop. She said that they are not but they remain good friends and he is a great guy.

This is what she said during the reunion of Rhony Season 10. Here also she denied having coffee with Adam to Andy Cohen. However, she admitted here as well that she still speaks with him. Many will be wondering about what happened to the vegan cookbook these two were working on. Well, it is on the back burner and looks like forever. It seems they don’t work together well. She thinks he may get around to completing the book eventually as he is talented and has experience. Carole has some experience in the field and found writing the book less daunting than Adam.

Carole Radziwill during the coronavirus quarantine

What is Carole Radziwill up to during the coronavirus quarantine? Well, she is helping her community. Most celebrities associated with Bravo are finding different ways of helping out the affected people. Carole posted on her Instagram a few days ago that she is walking the dogs of the people living in West Village. Of course, she is maintaining the social distance and wearing the mask. She once shared the custody of golden doodle Baby with Meghan King Edmond’s brother R J King and she is the dog mom to it nowadays. She is also taking care of two cats Baby Blue and Baby Belle.

Lunch Date

Carole also works for Glamour and the regular column she has is titled “Lunch Date”. In the assignment, she writes about going on lunch dates with various celebrities such as Alec Baldwin, Antonio Banderas, and Ashton Kutcher. Carole has been successful in keeping the column going for more than two years. She must have collected a nifty sum of cash during this period.

Real Housewives

Carole is putting her personal life out there on the show Real Housewives of New York City. She couldn’t be doing it for free either. She is hilarious and brings a lot of class to the show so there is no way Bravo is going to let her go any time soon. The TV viewers like to watch her on the show.


There are many accomplishments credited to Carole Radziwill and she is good at several things. She has met with success in several areas and all this has added to her net worth. For someone who has amassed such great wealth, Carole is one of the most down-to-earth members of the Bravo show. Carole has won several accolades in the field of broadcast journalism. From being a production secretary she worked her way to a news anchor for ABC. She has won many awards for her work such as many Emmy’s and a Peabody award. You can easily see that she was a hard worker and that was the main reason behind her success. Once she started winning those accolades her paycheck must have increased as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Carole Radziwill have money?

Carole Radziwill is a television personality and author.

How much is Ramona Singer worth?

Ramona Singer is worth $5 million.

How much is Leah McSweeney worth?

Leah McSweeney is worth $1.5 million.

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