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Things to Be Aware of When Buying Your First Sex Doll

Buying your first sex doll can be an exciting, but also frustrating experience. Since there are so many of them on the market, you can not even be sure what kind of sex doll you should look for. In general, there are numerous considerations and decisions that you’ll have to make before buying a sex doll, especially if it’s your first purchase. However, we are here to help you.

Consider the material and design

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One of the factors you should consider when you are buying your ideal doll is selecting the right material. There are all kinds of materials on the market, and silicone and TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) are the most used ones.

If you are considering silicone, you should know its features. It is non-porous, hypoallergenic, and heat-resistant which will make the process of maintaining the sex doll easier in the long run. However, this is a more expensive material. When it comes to TPE, you should know that is not as clean and hypoallergenic as the previously mentioned material and it is not very heat resistant. Moreover, maintaining the doll from this material will require a lot of time. Besides this, the material is very affordable. Therefore, if your budget is limited, consider this option.

Also, the material is softer to touch, so you will enjoy it more when you are touching the body of the doll. If the budget is bigger, consider a platinum cured silicone doll. Also, you can use your silicone doll even in the shower.

Think about the sex doll’s size

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You need to consider many things when you are deciding on the size of your dolls such as your own body size, your desire, and the budget. It would be best to choose a doll that is smaller and less heavy than you, In that way, you will enjoy it more because you will be able to move it easier. However, if your dream sex doll is huge, choose that one and fulfill your fantasies. There are truly plenty of options you can choose from, between life-size sex dolls in multiple sizes, and torsos.

The appearance and functionality of the sex doll

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You should know that every sex doll on the market will offer oral, vaginal, and anal sex. That is pretty exciting, however, some people want more than that. In fact, there are really many ways you can enjoy your sex doll and your desires will determine what doll you should pick. For instance, consider whether you want realistic jiggly breasts, a mouthwatering blowjob, or something else. Think about what functionality you want sex toys to have and look for that. Also, for some people, even small details matter such as eye color, breast size, body shape, etc.


There are truly many different sex dolls on the market you can choose from. However, many people who are buying sex dolls for the first time feel embarrassed to do it in person. Therefore, it is better to shop online. In that way, you can hide your identity. Also, you can spend a lot of time picking the right sex doll that you like the most without hurrying up. Check young sexdoll and see which one will be perfect for you.

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