General Imaging - GE camera makes a splash

Date: 2007-06-28

It wasn't long ago that $120 would get you a low-quality digital camera with a tiny LCD, poor focus capability and photos with 1- or 2-megapixel resolution. Today, the same amount of money will buy you one of GE's new pocket cameras that have that same feaures you would find in Canon or Sony cameras that cost at least $100 more.

Consider the A730. It's at the low end of GE's new line of digital cameras, yet it delivers a solid mix of highend options and easy-to-use functions.

Start with photo resolution. The A730 boasts 7 megapixels -- about 40 percent more than the $230 Kodak pocket digital that I raved about last year.

It has a pop-out 3x optical zoom lens that works just as well as the lens pocket Nikon and Fujifilm cameras that I've tested. And, it has a bright, 2.5-inch LCD screen.

The A730's feature set includes the ability to capture MPEG video and electronic stabilization, which is a big help when you're shooting moving images or taking long-distance shots.

What's not to like? There's no optical viewfinder for framing shots - just the LCD screen and it can be hard to see in bring sunlight. And, the camera runs on disposable batteries, which can drain far too quickly.