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GE A830 Digital Camera Review

Date: 2007-11-30

From Michael Carr,
Your Guide to
Digital Cameras.

General Electric's Budget, Compact Digital Camera

General Electric has entered the digital camera realm, and the A830 is part of its compact digital camera lineup. The GE A830 features 8 megapixels, face detection and shoots up to 1600 ISO, all with a suggested retail price under $150. Here is a review of the GE A830 digital camera.

How General Electric Does Cameras

There could hardly be many names more recognizable than that of General Electric, so it's exciting to see the company launch a digital camera line. The A830 is a fine introduction, featuring some high-level features like face detection and 8 megapixels with a modest $149 retail price.

The camera's key features include:

  • Image stabilization
  • Shoots MPEG4 video
  • 3x optical zoom
  • 9-point autofocus
  • Scene modes of Macro, Sport, Kids and Pets, Party/Indoor, Foliage, Snow, Beach, Fireworks,
  • Aquarium, Portrait, Night Portrait, Landscape, Anti-Handshake

GE A830 Pictures

About pic
Shooting with the GE A830 is comfortable and easy. There is a slight shutter lag, even with the flash turned off, so you need to adjust to the delay. It also seemed as though pictures shot close-up displayed brilliant colors, while those shot from a distance were more washed out or discolored.

The scene modes are handy, covering most shooting scenarios. It's nice that it features some specialty scene modes like foliage, beach, aquarium and night portrait. The camera does make it easy to capture a nice portrait, which is a use that will come in handy for most beginner photographers. With 8 megapixels, images can be printed in large sizes.

Who Should Buy the GE A830

This camera is ideal for beginner photographers, those who are seeking a budget camera but still want high resolution images, and those who like picture-taking made easy. If you are a more advanced photographer, this camera will not have the features you need. Also, if you are seeking an ultra-compact, slim camera, this camera is probably too bulky for your tastes.

GE A830 Bottom Line

General Electric's foray into digital cameras has produced a digital camera that stands out in its $149 price range. It has a few nice features you don't always see on budget cameras, like face detection and anti-shake.

It's easy to use, and ideal for a beginning photographer.