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GE A1050 Digital Camera

Date: 2009-08-25

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As many of my reader know I love taking photos. When taking photographs it helps to have a good camera. Until recently I was unaware of how many great portable digital cameras GE had to offer. I was given the exciting opportunity to review the NEW GE A1050 in silver. When it arrived, it came with everything I needed to get started taking great photos!

Box included:
Battery (AA Alkaline x2)
AV cable
USB cable
Wrist strap

One of the first thing I noticed about the GE A1050 is the size, it is a perfect size to have with you at all times. Would fit great in your purse, diaper bag etc. . There is no excuse to miss the perfect shot when on the go!

Once I had the camera set up it was time to test it out .....

This might sound odd but the first feature I tried out was the Pan-Capture. With every other camera I have owned I have never been happy with the panoramic pictures from them. It was always hard to get the 3 photos lined up to get the photo to look right, to my surprise with the GE A1050 the it way so easy and the photo looked GREAT . The wide-view photos are produced by panning the camera across to create a panoramic photo. It is as easy as snapping the first photo and panning across lining up the target and it will automatically take the next photo. Once all 3 photos are taken you have a great seamless panoramic picture. (see below, photo straight out of camera)

The next thing I wanted to try was the zoom. This digital camera has 5x Optical Zoom. To give you an idea of the zoom capability, I took 2 photos of my dog while standing in the same spot. One zoomed all the way out and one zoomed all the way in.(see below, photos straight out of camera)

2 other COOL features on the A1050 that I have not had on previous cameras is the Smile Detection which the shutter automatically releases when the smile appears so you can capture smiles the moment they happen. The other one is Blink Detection which alerts you if a subject’s eyes were closed so you can immediately retake the picture. Theses features are great when I am trying to capture that perfect photo of my toddler.

Here are a few miscellaneous photos I took (photos straight out of camera):

Besides great photos this portable digital camera also allows you to take QuickTime motion JPEG with Audio. So besides getting that special moment in a photo you can also preserve it on video. Below is a fun video I captured of my 2 yr old with the A1050.

About The GE A1050 Digital Camera
Dynamic-performance features are packed inside the all new GE A1050 Digital Camera. Its 25mm compact body features 10.1-megapixel resolution and 5X optical zoom lens along with Image Stabilization for high quality and vivid images at the tip of your finger. With the latest Pan-Capture Panorama feature, seamless wide-view photos can be captured without the need for stitching. GE A1050 Digital Camera's clear 2.5-inch LCD is equipped with the Auto Adjust Brightness technology for perfect screen visibility both indoors and outdoors. The GE A1050 Digital Camera contains a host of advanced features to deliver stunning images.